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Good day all,

Warning, I am a layman. I am a software developer trying to get a mobile VPN to communicate through TCP port 25445 and UDP ports

25701/25445. The network consultant hooked up the VPN and said it is up to me to get my application working.

I have a flashfiler server on the client server. We are connecting via Verizon mobile cell card. That part works. The VPN client is WatchGuard. The VPN appears to work, I am able to ping the server But my client/server database is not able to communicate with the database engine. I am wondering if it has something to do with the ports.

The network consultant said that the WatchGuard Firebox III is setup to open those ports.

I also noticed that when I ping the server it "wakes up" the VPN connection and it connects but when I start my application, it does not "wake up" the VPN connection. I get around this for test purposes by pinging the server then trying to connect to the database.

Any information/help would be greatly appreciated!


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If you ping and it connects then it's working like it's suppose to, but that doesn't mean he's got the rules (firewall) right.

Ask him to monitor the real-time traffic in HOST WATCH and see if your connections are being denied - it's very easy to tell.

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