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G'day all

I have a question which for the life of me I can't work out.

I have a company set up a new CISCO 800 series router and PIX501 firewall. This is all good - @ the same time they configured some VPN connections for us.

I can get the VPN to connect BUT I end up in a different subnetwork.

Local lan a Base Site 192.168.0.XXX (

When I crank up the VPN I end up getting assigned an IP in the

192.168.250.X range with subnet mask of (

No I want to be able to run RDP to one of the server on the lan @ -> but it time out "Computer not Found"

FYI the machine I am connection with also sites on a LAN with the same setup as the Base site lan (192.168.0.X [])

Why is it doing this -> from the look of the config file it has been setup to do this but I can't access anything on the local Base site network.

I hope somebody can shed some light on this interesting situation

Cheers moosus

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Moosus Gracius
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