Re: XP Pro VPN Client with Netgear FVS318 Router

Problem Solved! I took the advice and downloaded TightVNC from the web. Installed with NO problem and works like a champ. I can now access my network from the road and do everything I wanted. I would certainly reccomend this solution to anyone who is tired of fighting the "Netgear Battle". Maybe not as cool as a real VPN, but it works!!

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Subject: XP Pro VPN Client with Netgear FVS318 Router > From: Steve > Newsgroups: comp.dcom.vpn > > First off, I can find my way around my computers but do NOT consider > myself a power user or expert by any means. That said..... > > A friend gave me a FVS318 router that looks brand new. He owned it for > about a year and used it only as a firewall router. The firmware is V > 2.4. I now have it installed in my home network and it works > flawlessly as a router and network switch for the 4 computers on our > network. > > I would like to be able to establish a secure VPN connection to my > home network and access the computers there when I travel (often). I > am running a peer-to-peer network using XP home on 2 of the computers > and XP Pro on the other 2. I use XP Pro on one of the office machines > and my notebook that travels with me. My IP address from BellSouth is > static and all of my computers on the network are set to static > addresses. I have a 3mb/sec DSL account at my home. > > I have tried EVERYTHING I can find on the Netgear website for using > the XP Client (which Netgear told me will work with "no problem"). No > luck. I have followed the proceedure on their website SEVERAL times > and I can't get the thing to work at all. > > If anyone has some clear instructions for setting up the XP client and > the FVS318 I would really appreciate some help. Also any advice you > might have for being able to browse and access my network while > traveling would be great! Feel free to email me at the address on this > post. Just remove the OBVIOUS "nospam" in the address. > > Thanks in advance for your help. From what I have read in researching > this, it is a pretty common problem that Netgear seems unwilling to > address in a simple and logical manner. Think maybe they want all of > us to buy their VPN client instead of using the FREE one we already > have??? > > > >
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