VPN to China between Cisco Pix 515 and Netgear FVS318


I've been asked to look into a 3DES IPSec VPN to mainland China from the U.S.

Is this possible? Are there restrictions from either government?

Most importantly, can the Netgear and the Cisco play well together with a IPSEC tunnel? Is there anyone who has had experience in getting these devices to work with each other?


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Not sure about the restriction but Cisco works well with anything...I have several VPN tunnels going from a Cisco PIX 515 to a Netgear, other Cisco routers and a crappy NetScreen (I am gonna pull that one soon).

Anyway, barring the export stuff, it should work well.


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Michael J. Pelletier


Do you normally seek medical advice at a car dealership? Why do you think you will get valid legal advice in Usenet? Contact your legal staff, and have them contact the government agencies. From the standpoint of exporting or importing cryptographic software, there may or may not be a problem. 3DES is in use in China, but that may not be relevant. If you don't want to contact the legal staff (you are probably a fool), you might get more useless but informed advice in the sci.crypt newsgroup - or even by doing a search at

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But do remember "I heard it on Usenet" is rarely accepted as a valid legal defense in courts.

Have you also bothered to search the RFC index? There are at least 15 documents related to IPSEC - some merely informational, some proposed (or effective) standards.

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