problem with vpn tunnel between two zywall 35

Hi a bit less then a year ago i got new not understandable problems with my vpn tunnel. Yesterday, after some stupid troubles with ssl certificate, i've upgraded my both zywall to last firmware (4.02 - WZ.1). At first seen all seem to be good...but the day after i've received a call from satellite office telling me that there were some problems on the net (they can not browse the network, login is terribly slowlly, they can not print and so on). So i was afraid by that...there was only a unique explanation: the update of firmware!!!

So now i got theese problems:

In the main office, where there is the PDC (win2003) all work well, i can ping remote computers using their local ip and with their FQDN too, browse shared folders on all computers and so on.

In remote office

  • i can conncet via RDC to all remote pc * the ip configuration on all pcs is right, they recive ip, subnet, gatway etc by zywall, first dns server is the local ip of my PDC in the main office * some remote computers, taking long time, reach my domain browsing the network from explorer, but if i try to obtain the list of all pcs in it, after another long time, i receive an error. Other pcs, instead, see only computers in the remote office (so they can not see server and all others computer in main office) * if i try to ping machines in main office from remote all packets are lost!... * if i try to ping the server PDC using its name (always from a remote computer) its able to translate name in ip but all requests go timeout

I've no more ideas about this problem. It seems to be a problem on ping permission, but in the vpn settings on both zywall i've set that all protocols can go throw the vpn tunnel.

Plz help me!!

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problem solved with downgrade of firmware to a previous version. Now i ll contact zyxel to understand why i got this problem with new firmware.

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