Newbie: VPN with Symantec Gateway appliances

Hi there,

first of all, I'm quite new to administering networks and things like that; sorry, please bear with me though.

My company has a Symantec Gateway 360. I recently moved overseas and bought the same appliance, what I would like to do is actually work as if I was in the LAN there. This includes logging on to the domain, using Exchange server, file shares and the usual stuff there.

The remote administrator and me followed the instructions as outlined in the manual of the appliance. We set up a static tunnel (I don't know whether it was successful though, as the state tab of the web interface only says "Activated", not "Established" or something like that).

Now, I was wondering how I can actually access any resources on the other network. How would the gateway know which addresses/computer names refer to the remote network and which refer to the Internet? There is an input box "Remote Subnet 1 - IP / Network mask", but I'm not really sure what to enter there; I always thought only devices have an ip address but not whole subnets?

Are there any good resources I could use to catch up on how to establish VPN connections / IP networking and subnetting in general?

Thank you for your help,


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I read up on IP addressing and found out working settings; one branch uses the network 10.0.0.x, the other branch uses 10.0.1.x, both on network mask After applying that, everything worked like a charm.



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