Contivity Client from behind PIX

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Here is my desired configuration:

Customer 1 = PPTP (my office) -> PIX -> Internet -> PIX (This works!) Customer 2 = Contivity VPN Client (my office) -> PIX -> Internet ->

Contivity 600 (Does not work)

I own the PIX, a customer owns the Contivity.

I have the PIX working, I needed to be able to connect to a customer's PIX VPN via PPTP which is working fine (customer 1). But customer 2 has a Contivity 600, I can connect to them via my 'linksys' box so I know it works, when I replace the linksys with the PIX the connection does not work, the Contivity Client responds with "Login Failure do to: Remote host not responding" and the PIX log gets the message "302015: Built outbound UDP connection 56 for outside:/500 to inside

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Jamie Mcc
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have you tried the fixup for ipsec to allow the nortel client to traverse ?

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