Grief with Contivity VPN Client and 1010

Greetings. I tried posting a message twice but got a 440 posting denied error. Anyway, I'm in a test phase for a project where people will be able to connect and authenticate remotely to the office.

Right now I have a laptop directly connected on the public side of the Contivity 1010. From there, I launch the Contivity VPN client, enter my RSA credentials and hit connect. It authenticates me, and I establish a connection to the private side of the

1010. If I issue an ipconfig on the laptop, it gives me my standard network settings as well as network settings for the virtual connection. The strange thing is, my virtual default gateway is the same as the virtual IP address from the address pool I created. When I created the address pool on the 1010, it asks for the ip range and a subnet mask. Nowhere does it ask for a default gateway. The 1010 does have a default gateway defined for both private and public sides but the connecting client doesn't know about it.

When I'm connected, I can ping the private side of the 1010, the management port and that's it. It cannot ping anything else on the private side including the default gateway. Systems on the private side cannot ping the virtual ip address. (I don't know if that is suppose to work or not).

Anyway, I'm stuck and cannot figure this out.

Here are some of the concerns/questions I have:

1) Is what I'm using (Contivity VPN client and Contivity 1010) sufficient for creating a vpn or is a vpn server required somewhere along the way?

2) Could some of my problems be caused by the fact that I'm directly on the same network as the Contivity 1010 and not going through an ISP to get to it?

3) Why doesn't the VPN client software know anything about the existing default gateway on the 1010 and substitutes the IP address instead? Is it suppose to work this way (same IP for both client and gateway) or don't I have something right?

I'd truly appreciate any feedback or directions on where to go from here. Thanks.

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