Contivity 1010 issues

We have a Contivity/Nortel 1010 VPN router. We have set up VPNs for several remote user and can connect and authenitcate fine. Problem comes when we try to access large files or run IP sets at remote sites. Large files time out and VoIP sets get choppy (with no network traffic at the endpoints).

I noticed that we can only pass a 1372 kb packet (without fragmenting) with PPTP and we can only pass a 1382 kb packet (without fragmenting) with IPsec (Contivity client software). Unless I am missing something, I would expect this to be 1472.

Any thoughts? MTU issue?



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Nortec in MN
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What are you using for your WAN link? Speed? etc...

Are you Tunneling across the Net? if so that will add quite a bit of latency - VOIP killer. How much traffic are you trying to pass through the 1010?

are all your 1010 connecting back to Head Office? What are you running there to terminate all the VPN tunnels?


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Adam-Combat Networks

After upgrading the code and clamping the traffic it seems to work good.

We have a small office with the 1010 and contivity client software to tunnel to the office.

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