Wireless (clamshell) VoIP phone: D-link DPH-540/DPH-541, or something else?

Hi all!

I'm interested in obtaining a wireless (preferably clamshell) VoIP phone. Is the D-link DPH-540/DPH-541 the way to go, or are there other models which are better and/or give more value for money?

Regards, Evert

NB. With VoIP I mean SIP protocol, not Skype...

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I've got one of these phones and I've been far from impressed. I still make regular use of my softphone. First problem is that the battery life is dreadful. You'll be lucky to get a day out of it (normal use) without a recharge. To make it usable you need to plug it in every time you get a chance.

I also have connection problems all the time - even with my own wireless AP. Maybe this is a general problem with all WiFi phones, or just with the DPH - I've no experience with other models. I tried getting it to work with port forwarding on my router, but this didn't work. So, I use a STUN server. Now, many this is the weak link - who knows - but whatever the reason the utility of the kit is low. When the WiFi phone can't make a call, I just boot up the softphone and make the call - so it's never the VoIP provider - it's either the phone or the STUN server.

In addition, I don't think I've every managed to make a call via a public WiFi AP - even though my laptop can connect with no problems.

So, I'd pretty much look for another model, or wait until the technology improves in general.

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