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I've had both my phone and my fax numbers for a long time and I will be moving very soon. Things are a little tough lately and I need to save money so I will disconnect both phone lines but I want to keep the numbers. I want to forward my main phone line to my cell phone and my fax number to a fax to email service. I'm also planning to get service from broadvoice or vonage so it would be great if I could get a forwarding service that could forward my main phone line to both my cell phone and my voip number simoultaneously. Broadvoice offers a service called Simoultaneous Ring:

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this service is only offered if you have a line with them.

My concern is that the local telco would charge $16+tax for each remote call forward, basically very close to the price of a plain phone line, most probably $45 to $50 total a month for just forwarding service to a local phone. I would pay $10 to $15 a month total for both lines forward to my new numbers.

My question is: Is there a VOIP or local telco company that I could port out my main numbers to them to provide me with ONLY call forward or remote call forward of these numbers and don't charge as much as large local telco's charge for this service? I would like to have the capability of dialing a number with a passcode and be able to change which number I want to forward my number to (like regular Remote Call Forward) or a website where I could do this. As a last resort I wouldn't even mind having to call a customer service line to ask them to change the remote call forward number to something else, most probably as soon as I configure the call forward for the first time I won't need to do it again, but just in case I would like to have the capability of doing it somehow. I also have an Asterisk server that I could run from my cablemodem if there's a better option/service using that.

Thank you in advanced.


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You will probably save on some of the fees though. I learned that I would no longer have to pay one that was $6.50.

My interest has been forwarding to a VoIP provider for VoIP (not forwarding) service so I haven't check on this. I'd bet that a company like LiveVoIP would work out something with you. They're in the process of announcing a bunch of DID service areas. At $0.017/minute, I suspect you'd pay a lot less than you would through the telco.

Remote call forwarding here has the same fee (~$34, I think) for establishing *or* modifying service. Be careful if you go the telco route.

Oh! Well, sure. If you're willing to use VoIP to your house then it gets easy. You don't have to use Asterisk, but it can give you some flexibility...for voice, at least. I haven't gotten faxing to work yet.

Check services like VoicePulse Connect!, BroadVoice and LiveVoIP to see if they have service in your area. If they do, grab a Sipura SPA-2000 and you're on your way. Post here if you need help.


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