Echo when using PC softphones is often caused by feedback on one or both ends. If one of you is using the PC speakers, that sound is fed back through the mic and perceived as echo. SJPhone is a good softphone, but without the proper hardware, (handset/headset) you will have problems.

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I am using IPKall service to get a free virtual U.S number and used FWD

and then even tried as SIP provider to recieve calls from

my IPKall number using soft phone "SJPhone" by SJLabs , my problem is

that the calls I recieve have to much of echo I would appreciate if

some one can suggest some thing to get rid of echo in some way while

using a softphone .

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By echo, do you mean that you can hear your own voice or that the receiver's voice repeats? This may be down to some odd mixer settings on your computer (try muting the microphone channel while still having it selected as the output device), some defect at your provider (unlikely IMO) or by one party's microphone "hearing" their speakers. The latter two can be tested by trying other providers and other receivers, but they might get expensive.

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MJ Ray

Softphones seem to have this problem, I've never had any trouble with Sipgate, ipkall and my Sipura SPA-2000 ATA. I regularly receive calls here in the UK from my friends in the US via my ipkall number and the quality is excellent.


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Ivor Jones

i am using grandstream adapters with regular phones.. Sometimes i also have echo. U think it can also be caused by slow servers or internettraffic


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