I'm not familiar with the hardware, but...........

It appears to use a proprietary protocol ( Compatible with Cisco Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) Version 2.0 and later. ) and may require a Cisco AP. (Access point support: Cisco Aironet series access points including the 1200, 1100, 350 and 340 series)

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I've managed to get hold of a Cisco CP-7920 handset - now what I need to now is I can I make/receive calls via my router/wifi AP - if so what software/hardware do I need? Is the software difficult to configure? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Rgds Alan Southampton UK

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Alan Mascall

Information on the 7920 is at:

formatting link

Note that it runs SCCP (a "Skinny" proprietary version of H.323

developed by Selsius - who was bought by Cisco a few years ago).

Cisco and Asterisk (maybe others?) support this protocol for

registering phones.

The quickest way to get the phone running is to follow the SCCP link

on the above web page. Essentially, you need to install Asterisk on a

machine in your network and register the phone to it. At that point

you will have dialtone, and can trans-code out to IAX, SIP, H.323 or

even POTS. :-)



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