Voice Mail Service that works like e-mail server?

Does anyone know if any companies out there provide voice-mail that works like a mail server? I want to be able to forward missed calls to a voice mail provider, like OneBox.com or eVoice.com or Vonage.com, and then be able to download the voice-mails from their server (and delete them from the server after download). This way I can use my own program to forward the voice mails or display them, or whatever else we need to do, instead of being limited by the options they provide.

The closest I've come is that most of them provide a forward to e-mail feature, which I could then download the email and work with those. However, email isn't always reliable, and none of the servers delete the messages after the email is sent, so I would run into issues with full mailboxes, and other messy problems.

I'd really just like to find one that works like an e-mail server. Everytime a user leaves a voice-mail it just goes in my inbox (POP account), which I can then download directly from the POP account and delete it (or leave it there if I want).

I don't want to write my own voice-mail system, because I'm not interested in dealing with the hardware setup, and backup and power failure issues, and everything else that comes with running mission critical servers.

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I use maxEmail

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It sends both voice and faxes, holds the messages for 30 days, and costs next to nothing :-)

My number is in suburban Chicago, but my cell phone does a no answer transfer to the number and it gets sent to me.

You have to go into the web site or call the number to delete messages after you receive them, but you needed access to the inernet to retrieve the wav files in the first place. The basic service is $14.95 a year.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

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