sx200 ml/el lw19 q45 question

I just swapped out the flash card from 19.2 Q21 to 19.3 Q45.

My other 2 SX200 systems LW19.3 Q38 and LW19.3 Q29 both have "Delete the set" without having to remove each key and the addition of 1NXX (to the existing 1N0X and 1N1X) screening in ARS.

When I look at form 26 and 9, I don't see 1NXX and I still have to delete each key before I can delete a set.

The upgrade: (Saved the database first). Powered down node 1, popped out the flash card, inserted the new one, powered up. Maint screen sez I have LW19 Q45 Jan 2005.

Do I have to reinitialize the system and reload the saved database? Or as is typical with Mitel... sprinkle pixie dust on the MCC and chant an ancient magic Eskimo incantation while twirling on one foot with a torch of fire in my left hand?

Gratias! Dave

PS. After asking our "Elite" dealer for a year for a 19.3 upgrade and them not being able to figure out how to burn a flash card (well, maybe with a Bic lighter) I just gave up and ordered one from Terry at Dean. I had it in

2 days. Come to think of it, in all of our dealings buying things, Terry as always been honest and above board. Never a single problem. Thanks Terry. Oh and I don't work for Dean, I'm just very happy with the service we get. Our 3300 will come from them :) and we're finding a new "Elite" dealer to handle relicensing and emergencies.
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Henry Cabot Henhouse III
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Dave, I would want to make *positively sure* (get it in writing) that those 3300s from the secondary market can be relicensed. Mitel has recently changed 3300_ICP licensing procedures. What you've been told by whomever told you, may no longer be fact.

Also you need to be aware that there have been numerous hardware revisions within that product line (it's literally still evolving) that could make "used" far less desirable than new. There've been several internal board revisions. Most importantly, processor speeds, initially 133 Mhz, are presently running 450 Mhz. Later hard drives are also larger and more reliable. Based on your past history w/Mitel I would interpret that to suggest at some point in the not-too-distant future the older slower processors might get left behind or have upgrade limitations. I would recommend avoiding 133 Mhz 3300's altogether, even as a gift.

For as long and as hard as you've fought this war with support issues on your old iron, I would have thought (hoped) by now that you might be ready to lay down your guns and try the other path. Obviously not.

Chrissakes fella, how much do you *really* think you're going to save

*today* in exchange for the new battles which will surely ensue?

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Well, I "rtfm" and I did do the upgrade as Mitel sez. But I do not have the new options. Is LW19 Q45 considered to be in the LW19.3 family?


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Henry Cabot Henhouse III

Of course, it's in the feature level.

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