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Could someone tell me what type of service and/or equipment I would need in order to have real-time ANI appear on a LED display whenever an incoming call comes in? I currently only have a POTS residential line if that matters any. I'm looking for the most least expensive route.


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the short answer is, It Depends.

One possible option, if you don't have much in the way of incoming, is to get a personal "800" [a] number from a vendor such as Kall-8b]. They'll take the incoming call and re-route it to your home phone, and, also take the ANI info, translate it to a CNID string, and send it over - letting you display it on standard CNID boxen.

The two issues here:

a) you'll have to give out an 800 number in place of your current one and b) you'll be paying between five and ten cents per minute (depending on vendor and quantity).

[a] actually 800, 888, 877, 866, and RSN 855 [b]
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I personally use them and can recommend their service. No financial connection other than as a satisfied customer (they have a _very nice_ web interface for control of your number, including a real-time reroute. In other words, you can reset the destination at 17:01 to switch from your home phone to your cellular, or any other choices you wish, and it'll take effect a minute later)

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danny burstein

If I recall correctly ANI delivery isn't possible on a POTS line. However if you set up and 800 number some of the carriers will pass ANI as Caller-ID data. I know that USA-Datanet does.

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