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I bought couple weeks ago older Lucent Partner phone system release

6.0. I was trying to set up it. Finally I did it but still I have little problems.

It is set up: All phones ring first 3times, if nobody is answering, the attendant starts, and you are transfer to extension???or receptionist(ext 10)

My problem is that while attendant is "talking" if you press extension, you received something like "the invalid entry". And it is for all extensions instead 10. But if I set up "menu definition" let number 1 "transfer" me to extensions xx, it works and I am transferred.

While attendant is "talking" and I don't press extension, I am transferred to extension 10(I set up this). Can I do something like "please wait , all our representatives are busy, you will be assist as soon as possible"? I mean that call will be not transfer to voice mail, but "text" will be repeated while anybody answer call?

I am starting to be crazy about this system so please If you know what I should do, please sent me email directly to

I am sorry for my English, hopefully you will understand, and you will be able to help me.

Thank you very much


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If R6 is the phone system you bought, it is still a current version (just recently added R7, not hardware compatible) and there is an abundance of info online. Go straight to the source (called Avaya now) and get your documentation. As far as I can understand from the message, you specifically need an admin manual for Partner Mail or Partner Messaging. I'll post a link below, but it's huge and may not go through well. So, go to

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then "support", then "messaging" and select the type of Partner messaging you have. OK, here is the ugly link:

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Good luck!

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thank you for your I am downloading "help"

Other way...I was wondering you can help me with this attendant, we already have everthing sep up how we want it. Just one problem: while attendat "talking" something like "if you know your ext press it now, otherway..." if you press any(besides 10), the system tell you "invalid entry". But you pick up call at ext 10. and then you transfer to any ext., the call is trasfered.

Do you know to fix this problem?

thank you

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