Merlin 1030 Station going silent

Thanks to all for your previous responses regarding the loss of voice announcements on intercom. The intercom voice pairs were dropped by a "professional installer" when he rewired the 66 block the "right "way.

Now, one of the stations that is as far from the 4030 system as they go is starting to act strangely. (Now there is a technical description.) Now, six months or so since we replaced the system and rewired the cable and drops, the phone is silent. The lights still work, but no voice or tones or handset sound or Mic. Unplug the phone and plug it in and it works, sometimes. I just checked it as I was writing this and it worked 100%. We have changed the station and handset with no effect.

I think we may be exceeding the line length limit or voltage drop limit due to the connections. We have one meter jumpers from the system to a cat 3 patch panel 66 block (like an HUB-BR258066A) with RJ45 jacks. The 25 pair cable goes from there underground to a second building 46 meters away. Then the line passes through a split 66 block to a 4-pair cable 12 meters to the wall jack (RJ 45). Then it passes through another one meter jumper to the station.

I know it is within the specified limits but . . . is there a way to check the voltages at the station to see if they are within specifications?

I have a three-channel DC logger in-house I could use if I knew what pairs were important and what the limits were.

Three questions:

  1. What are the voltages that should be seen on the pairs at the station?

  1. What trouble shooting steps that I have not tried should be used?

  2. What test equipment might help?

Thanks for your time.

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