installing reporting for call center


have bcm400 + 100e extansion. Software BCM 3.7 and CallPilot. We try to use Call Detail Reporting tool(CDR) and Reporting For Call Center(CCR). Our step to work with CDR is:

  1. Adding user to CDR group
  2. Set BCM address in CDR then appear message Access Denied. Whats problem? Also we connect to domain, but it didn't help.

Our step to work with CCR is:

  1. Set password in CallPilot in configuration box for Call Center
  2. Install CCR
  3. Launch CCR, typing
  4. Local authorization is OK
  5. Set BCM IP address
  6. Specify CCR password (by default is CCRS)
  7. Appear windows where we can see progress of importing of calls. (Only current time is changing)
  8. Enable loging (Logs are saving and we can read it... information about skillsets, DN, lenght of calls are present)
  9. Opening MySQL with phpMyAdmin (authorization complete OK, a lot of select anf update queries making, but skillsets and DNs are not imported)

We try to solve it:

  1. Install on another computer (Windows XP SP2 and Windows XP)
  2. Disabling firewall
  3. Grand CCRS user root access for database CCRS
  4. Mistery: MySQL database connected to CCRS program throu ODBC, in driver present "test connection" tool - authorization is BAD, with all passwords including MySQL root password (CCRS user has strange password, without encryption)

Thanks for help, will help to you as can ps - sorry for my terrible english, hope you understand something =)

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