Fiber handoff too cheap?

Hello all,

I'm in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area, and I pay about $600 for a T1 (including loop). I have a 4xT1 bonded solution that I pay $2400/mo. I've priced out a 10MB fiber connection here through some of the big guns like MCI/Sprint etc and it was $6000/mo.

I've been offered a 10MB fiber connection from a small company here for $1200/mo. Apparently it costs $2500 to "light" the building and they bring in the fiber but limit it to 10MB for us, and we can increase it without additional cabling. If I get another tenant interested we can each have 10MB and split the $1200 for a total of $600/mo each. A 3rd building tenant can join in and so forth but it does not go less than $600/mo per tenant.

Does this seem too cheap? Will this be as reliable as my bonded T1 service? They offer a 99.9% SLA but how can I find out more? Our bonded T is up 100% most months, and I want the same level of service from this fiber program. Will I get it? I just don't understand how this company can be 1/10 of the MCI price. Any thoughts on this?



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No, it seems about right. Fiber is much cheaper than copper loop.

We pay $1,200 a month for our 10mbps line from OSHEAN, which is carried over Cox fiber. About $400 of that is Cox charges.

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