Difference between TCAP transaction and dialog


Can anyone please explain to me the difference between a transaction and a dialog in TCAP? I also noticed there were transaction ID and dialog ID.

Thanks, Daniel

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The dialogue portion communicates information used at the application layer. The seven layer OSI concept in the contextr of TCAP is described in my TCAP implementation project here:

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Hi Vance,

Thanks for your reply. So the dialog ID is used in component sublayer which is based on transaction layer. And the dialog IDs are visible to TC user, while the transaction IDs are visible to dialog sublayer (invisible to TC user), right? But does a dialog ID have any mapping to a transaction ID, e.g., one to one mappings? And in a typical TCAP call (setup, going stable, then tear down), how many dialogs and transactions are involved?

I am not a native English speaker so these words make me a little hard to understand clearly.

Thanks again, Daniel Han

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I usually think the following terms as the same, but it appears they are not, sometimes, in the signaling world.

session, dialog, transaction, conversation, etc.

Really confusing sometimes! :-(

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