Re: Wireless Headsets for Cordless Phones ?

Thanks, Pat ...

My wife is in about the same place -- she can move around ok, but getting to the phone on time is a challenge.

I was hoping for something that didn't require something to be clipped on a belt or shirt pocket (apparently the fairer sex do not normally have these things), but I will look into this as a start !!

Thanks again,

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well, the Uniden cordless phone is sort of light-weight, you don't really notice it in your pocket or clipped on your belt, and mine at least goes about a block away from home if I wish to carry it around, when walking outside, although in those cases I usually just carry my cell phone. (My set up is landline rings three times, and call is set on ring/no answer to then go to my cell phone. I'd let the landline ring 4-5 times before transfer to cell phone but many people would grow impatient and disconnect, which they sometimes do anyway, even with just three rings [which they hear; I may have only recieved two rings and the start of the third], and there is the briefest pause where they hear silence while the central office yanks the call back and forwards it to my cell phone.) The other suggestion made today was 'Hello Direct' which is a fine company but I think a bit pricey. PAT]
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