Wireless Headsets for Cordless Phones ?

I am wondering if there is a way, or a product, that would allow someone to wear a cordless headset (like the Bluetooth earpieces used for cell phones) and access a cordless (land line) phone setup ?

My wife is handicapped and I would like to set her up this way so she does not have to carry the cordless phone around all day.

Thanks in advance.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am similarly situated; partially paralyzed due to my brain aneursym, and a good cordless landline phone with a headset (and caller-ID built in as well) is from Uniden. A good friend of mine got it for me at a Costco store in Oregon. It is very light weight and can be clipped on a belt or shirt pocket while you wear the headset. Its not that I am _that totally disabled_; I can get up and walk around, etc, but very slowly sometimes, and invariably the person calling hangs up before I got to wherever I had earlier left the phone. So unless I forget where I left my head (as I used to with the phone) I can reach down and just push a button to turn it on and off. The price was right; about fifty dollars for the whole thing. PAT]
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