New Long Range Cordless Phones


I'm pretty sure these are illegal in the US&P(ossessions). One of the issues was interference with Air Traffic Control communications systems, as I recall. Someone on the list may be able to cite chapter and verse from US Code, or FCC regs. I may have saved a Navy Department spectrum management brief on the subject; if so, I'll forward off net.



From: Dave Subject: New Long Range Cordless Phones? Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 18:46:17 -0900

I saw a link earlier for this on Slash Dot. Its a cordless phone that supposedly works 100km from the base station (under ideal conditions).

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Other then the obvious potential for grief from the FCC, anyone else have any thoughts?

I found a link to the Navy brief of which I was thinking, from about three years ago.


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