Call does not show up as ever having occurred

Recently I received a phone call, went back to find out what time it happened, and there is no evidence on any of the older or newest call display equipment (one of the phones is 2 months old) of the call ever having occurred.

Yes, there was incentive on the caller to hide the fact they ever called me, even if the phone number was blocked, which is why I went looking. Any thoughts on how this could be done? sorry if this is a simple thing to do but its new to me. One other item - the voice quality of the call was quite exceptional.

- Joe

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Joe Caruso
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FWIW, I've noticed the occasional call arrives with "No Data Sent." I've always assumed it was the result of a momentary failure of the data delivery. It has happened on all kinds of calls, even from friends who know have no knowledge of telco and no desire to hide their identity to me.

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