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video phone via landline
My question may sound weird but I could not find a clue online and I am not in telecom field. Hoping I can at least get some expert insight here. Than k you very much in advance! Assume there is no...
2 years ago 7
Hi, This is Naveen from SAGE IT INC. Hope you are doing great. Please send me your updated resume if you're interested for this position. State Agency: Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Job...
6 years ago
Network eManager opens and then closes instantly on Windows 7
I have installed Network eManager on a Windows 7 machine (64bit 8Gig of RAM). It opened the first time and worked fine. The next day, it would start, the IE window opens then closes instantly. No...
8 years ago 1
How do i reset a Mitel IP phone to Factory Defaults
Hi I have several Mitel IP phones that i need to reset to their factory defaults. Do anyone know what is the process for doing this? Rgds Phil Hold down the # key while powering on the phone. Answer...
14 years ago 1
F1 and F2 lines - Explanation of Terminology
I find I made a note when a line technician installed a replacement drOur F1 line appears to be 'way too long.' Our F2 line appears very clean. I gather from a few more clues that F1 and F2 designate...
14 years ago 2
Toshiba CTX eManager
Has anybody had any issues with the Toshiba eManager for CTX/CIX after running Windows Updates? It's V310A19 and the IE window closes immediately after loading the page. Double clicking the shortcut...
16 years ago 1
Strata DK40i - Call Forward External (sort of)
Hi folks -- We have a Strata DK40i with three Vonage lines, and a simple little Amigo II VM system attached. I have an employee who's going to be working off-site for quite some time, so I've been...
16 years ago 6
sx2000 dbms flag question
The docs say that when the system is restarted or reloaded (or rebooted?) and the "dbms flag (is) off", the system will come back up with a blank database. I assume that I need to set the dbms flag to...
16 years ago 14
Schema Rectifier SAFT SMR 48/25
I search schema of Rectifier SAFT SMR 48/25 (48V, 25A), SAFT SMR 9001, SAFT SMR 48/34 Thank you
17 years ago
Smart Jack question
Hi, Does anyone know what the HLOS light on a smartjack card means? I know the RLOS light has to do with Loss Of Signal towards our equipment, so I am taking HLOS is a loss of signal towards telco?...
17 years ago 1
setting time : Panasonic kxt7433
Hi, How do i set the time on this phone? Thanks, Elliot This one is too don't. It's set on the cabinet. Carl "like shooting fish out of a barrel" Navarro Hi again, If i have access to the...
17 years ago 3
How to decrease wander in SDH
Hi, On SDH signal, clock jitter can be removed by PLL. How about wander? The definition of wander is below 10 Hz. I am curious on how to decrease it. Thanks Kalman. Vladimir Vassilevsky DSP and Mixed...
10 years ago 5
Mitel SX-2000: how to (un)block area codes
We have an SX-2000 that is (I think) currently blocking calls to area code 809 (the Dominican Republic.) I haven't been able to find anyplace in the switch that deals with this sort of thing, although...
17 years ago 9
Fonebooth offers $50 Bonus with FREE VSR Reseller panel
Fonebooth offers a very feature-rich Retail solution that allows you to manage your Resellers panels without any extra or hidden charges and free Voip Tunnel (VPN). We Offer our own dialer with &...
11 years ago
Panasonic KX-t7633 "Message" button question
We have our integrator in programming our phone system with a TVA50 voicemail system. There's a button on the T7633 handsets called "message" which I feel should be our easy access to our voicemail....
13 years ago 1
Mobility Management in CAP3
I'm looking to see how Camel Application Part 3 handles (assuming it does) the inter network handoff when a GSM subscriber leaves one service provider's network and is handed off to another. I'm...
15 years ago