How to decrease wander in SDH

On SDH signal, clock jitter can be removed by PLL. How about wander?
The definition of wander is below 10 Hz. I am curious on how to
decrease it.
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Kalman to do what? Idiot answer!
Try bumping it with a long term stable clock!
Ask the idiot above if he has any ideas!
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The anonimous pig does too much of bumping around the clock. If he does it for stable, it won't be long.
I design data acquisition systems for geophysics. This is one of my works:
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Among other options, it supports for clock synchronization via wired or wireless channels. Timing accuracy is one of the performance parameters, and it took some effort to get the algorithms right.
As for PLL, it is in no way optimal. The only virtue of PLL is simplicity. If the goal is the best tracking accuracy, then Kalman-like control algorithm is the way to go. The issue of a slow variations of phase is tackled by this approach very well.
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Vladimir Vassilevsky
Or not an idiot answer, but an advertising strategy. Everything is incredibly easy ... Hire me!
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well thank you ...
the point is that OP needs to recognize there's long term stable clocks out there for a reason!
tracking solutions he can then research.
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