Bases for Merlin BIS sets?


I'm trying to find the correct replacement base for Merlin BIS-22 sets for desktop use. The ones that I purchased recently don't fit. When I picked up them up from my parts dealer, I questioned him about them and was assured that they would fit. It looks as though he gave me ones for BIS-10 sets.

Prior to that I was able to scrounge up several of the uprights (the part that usually breaks) from one of my peers, however, these didn't match up with what the customer had either. At the time I assumed that they must have been for BIS-34 sets.

Later on, after scrounging through some old stock, I found an old BIS-22 set complete with brackets. Oddly enough, these match the ones that I mistakenly thought were for BIS-34 sets. The strange thing is that these are wider than the broken one that the customer had on hand. I am reasonably sure that the phone is a BIS-22 and I don't think that it makes a difference whether it's a display or non-display set. Any idea as to what I'm running into here?

Along similar lines, I vaguely recall that someone used to make replacement bases out of metal. The problem is that I don't remember who they were and I couldn't find anything when I did a search. Perhaps I didn't use the correct search terms. Any help with that?

Obviously, I will be returning the incorrect ones to my parts dealer and hope that he has the correct ones on hand. But the problem still remains as to which ones are indeed the correct ones based upon my comparison of the "scrounged" uprights that I now know for a fact are meant for BIS-22 sets and the one that the customer had, which was not as wide, but did fit her phone.

One more point that I'd like to make is that I am not looking for those old, one piece, cast type bases that AT&T used to make, although, if I could find ones that fit, that could be an option, albeit an expensive one.

Thanks in advance to those who post a reply.


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