Zombie Verizon Account Keeps on Billing [telecom]

Dear ABC News Fixer: I canceled my Verizon service and returned all of their equipment last September. I even have an email from a Verizon employee saying my account was closed.

For some reason, they continued to charge me for the next three months and sent the bill to collections. I complained and they removed the account from collections, only to do it again in April. I have not been able to get them to respond. They claim I owe more than $500 for months I didn't even have service or equipment.

William Ward, Chesapeake, Virginia

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This reminds me of an issue I had with Comcast when I got service installed at my current apartment. I ordered a 30 megabit connection, but the connection they installed topped out at 15 megabits. I was being billed for 30 though.

I called support with the complaint of "my internet is slow" and followed their script. Naturally, their script didn't account for a provisioning error, so the support person dispatched a truck. A few days later the Comcast technician (in-house, not a contractor - I'm told that sending out a real employee is standard for situations where the contract installer may have made a mistake) came out. He drained the water out of my building's lines, remarking that there was a lot, and that my SNR should be better now. I thanked him and then pointed out my bill was inconsistent with the service that I had been provisioned, at which point he called some magic internal line and sorted everything out in about ten minutes.

- - Astrid

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"Drained the water out of my building's lines?" Oh, my Ghod, did he actually use that excuse?

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