Year-end statistics: those who posted 10 or more times [telecom]

As part of my year-end analysis of the Digest's stats, I've compiled a list of those who posted to The Telecom Digest ten or more times during 2011.

I've removed email address, since some of them have changed, and I have combined some figures for those who changed their name during the year.

Any errors or ommissions are my fault. This is columnar data, and best viewed with a fixed-width font.


Messages Author

2271 Total 273 Monty Solomon 186 HAncock4 102 John Mayson 84 David Clayton 80 Robert Bonomi 73 Wes Leatherock 73 Adam H. Kerman 65 Sam Spade 63 Bill Horne 57 John Levine 50 Scott Dorsey 49 David Clayton 48 AES 47 tlvp 46 danny burstein 40 Fred Atkinson 38 T 34 Joseph Singer 31 tlvp 30 Pete Cresswell 29 Thad Floryan 27 Neal McLain 26 Geoffrey Welsh 25 John Levine 23 Dave Garland 23 David Lesher 23 Thor Lancelot Simon 20 Gary 18 Garrett Wollman 18 Doug McIntyre 16 Eric Tappert 16 Michael Moroney 15 David Scheidt 14 Mark J. Cuccia 14 Steven 13 Richard 12 Bob Goudreau 12 Fred Goldstein 11 John David Galt 11 Matt Simpson 10 Rob Warnock
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Too many "Davids" (and you too, Dave G) in that list (including me, twice), I reckon we should ban em..... (twice, if necessary) ;-)

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