Vista Home Premium and faxing

Tried asking in alt.fax, but no response. Here, maybe?

Pointers sought for rudimentary fax software usable with > a notebook's motherboard-faxmodem under Vista Home Premium. > > Hoping for something working something like the Fax Printer > in WinXP, Win2k, Win98, and earlier. Yes, I know, "upgrade > to Ultimate" -- no thanks. But thanks for any good pointers,

-- tlvp

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I finially gave up and signed up for an inexpensive account at Trustfax. Also has the advantage of being able to accept inbound faxes and emailing them to me.

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Why not use an older PC for fax? Even in the DOS days, there were fax programs that worked fine, and in Europte it's very common to have an older PC dedicated to the function.

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Robert Neville

Thanks, Robert, for your Trustfax solution.

In that spirit, I do have a free *inbound-fax* account with eFax. And, at home, I have an honest-to-goodness fax machine, sharing my single POTS line intelligently with phones, DSL, and TAD, and doing multiple duty as copier, printer, scanner, as well.

It's while traveling that I need some way to coax faxes out of my Vista Home Premium laptop's built-in faxmodem. [More after ...

.... continuing:] For home use, Bill, I have that purpose-built fax machine.

For traveling, I used to use first a Win31 laptop -- a nearly defunct GRiD PenExec -- and later a WinXP notebook, whose HD is now down to about

5% free space, both of which will happily send fax through a MS-provided "fax printer", a built-in part of the Windows versions on those machines.

I guess I'll be taking one of those along on trips where I may need to send faxes (though I'd really rather not), until I can find a fax solution for Vista Home Premium.

Or will older Win31 fax programs still work in Vista? Or will WinFax Pro v. 8? I still have a sealed copy of that, designed (in 1997) for Win95 and Win NT.

Thanks for any further suggestions; and cheers, -- tlvp

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