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I am currently in search for a VoIP provider as SBC is the only land line solution in my area and I no longer like the way they treat their customers.

I'm leaning tward Vonage, but my question is, does any of the VoIP providers have issues when FAXing over the primary line? I know Vonage can add a dedicated FAX line for $9.99, but I don't do a lot of FAXing (maybe once a month). Having a second line would be a waste. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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The Great Uvageez
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ATT CallVantage says to check with them before using a FAX as only certain types are supported.

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Rick Merrill

Faxing is supported over the primary line. The dedicated fax line is so you have a dedicated fax number.

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I have faxed on my one and only vonage line and have had no problem. I have a very simple Brother Intellifax

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I have setup a fax-service at

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for free. Only drawback is that it requeires a call to it at least every 4 weeks - I've setup my server to automatically send a fax every 3 weeks to ensure that ;-)

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Henning Wangerin

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