no traceroute response

Routers in my lab dont show up when running trace route (tracert from DOS) ; the PC's on either side do , however. How to force a router to show up ? Here's the config from the Cisco 1600

! version 11.2 no service password-encryption service udp-small-servers service tcp-small-servers ! hostname 1600 ! aaa new-model aaa authentication login vyt_m enable enable secret 5 $1$xFU8$DgDuZDb/PU.3alP4S1Gao1 enable password aswqwqw! ! interface Ethernet0 ip address no ip route-cache no keepalive ! interface Serial0 ip address encapsulation ppp no ip route-cache ! router rip version 2 network network ! ip classless tacacs-server host banner motd test is a good welcome banner

! line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0 line vty 0 exec-timeout 0 0 password ah login authentication vyt_m length 25 line vty 1 4 exec-timeout 0 0 password ah login authentication vyt_m ! end

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barret bonden
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