TV comedy about outsourced telephone call center [telecom]

"Outsourced", Thursday, 9:30 pm, NBC. (check local listings) Premiers 9/23/10.

The Phila Inqr describes this comedy as follows:

When a novelty business closes its Kansas City call center, the manager gets sent to India to supervise the folks who will be taking orders for novelty gift items. The workers must learn to reconcile North American and South Asian ways.

It appears most of the jokes will derive from culture clashes, but I suspect some will come from the call center operations and quirky customers who phone in. Someone who works in a telephone call center might find this show entertaining.

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"Outsourced" received the deepest pan and "don't bother watching" I've ever seen in the San Francisco Chronicle's TV Reviews today:

Oddly, the Los Angeles Times seems to like it in their review today:

The only thing in the San Jose Mercury News (online) is a news item of more jobs lost and outsourced at the San Jose airport and their TV reviewer doesn't even seem aware the show exists (as of 9/23/2010):

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Thad Floryan

Having people lose their jobs to a low-price outsourcer in India is not funny, sorry! :(

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In the early 1960s comedian Alan King complained about Bell System automation--he resented ANC and DDD. He wrote "the system is becoming so automated the only humans will be the musicians on the Bell Telephone Hour [a TV show back then]".

When I think back to the level of personal service provided to customers in the early 1960s compared to today I don't feel so good. As said, note the complaints about basic loop maintenance in the other threads.

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Lisa or Jeff

The same could be said of a certain situation comedy set in a German prisoner-of-war camp.

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John Mayson

You also had Professor S.I. Hayakawa who started the Anti-Digit Dialing League and so got elected to the U.S. Senate from California, and later, I believe, was a college president. Wes Leatherock

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Wes Leatherock

While we're on the subject, I commend, "for your listening pleasure" Alan Sherman's "Let's all call up AT&T and protest to the president march", decrying the change to 7D from 2L-5D. He even anticipated alternate LD carriers, with local access numbers, pins, passwords, and the 'target' number.

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Robert Bonomi

This reminds me of a book I read in college.

"Vonnegut's first novel spins the chilling tale of engineer Paul Proteus, who must find a way to live in a world dominated by a super computer and run completely by machines. His rebellion is a wildly funny, darkly satirical look at modern society."

Player Piano By Kurt Vonnegut

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Let us not forget the late great Allan Sherman, who wrote:

"Let's call AT&T and Protest to the President March"


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