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Hi Pat,

We have a new gizmo, called the Telemarketer Destroyer.

The thing itself is very funny when used, but at the end of our page we have a recording from a radio show of a comedian named Tom Mabe yanking the chain of a telemarketer (I guess he does that for a living?!?).

He drives a red VW bug that's modified to look like a phone. It's one of the funniest bits I've ever heard, at the expense of a young telemarketer trying to sell him satellite TV. The link is towards the end of:

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I don't know if you get many telemarketers calling you, but it sure feels good to use it! It connects to the handset of a regular phone with the dial in the base -- if you have one near your PC (you can feed whatever audio you want from your PC to the phone).

The only thing I'm happy about is that the telemarketers seem to avoid cell phones -- but when I do get the occasional call on my cell phone I can feel my blood pressure going up as soon as they start their pitch.

BTW, I got rid of the Nextel, and went to Verizon. I don't remember if I gave you the Verizon number, but I had that turned off and ported the old number over to Verizon. Nextel was horrible, and Verizon isn't much better.

Donna showed me a postcard Nextel had the guts to send us a few weeks ago saying something like "We know the service is terrible in your area, but we're planning on fixing it." Unbelievable!

Mike Sandman 630-980-7710 -

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Check out our catalog of Unique Telecom Products & Tools.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Mike Sandman is a long time friend of the Digest -- ten or twelve years -- and I very strongly suggest that everyone spend some time purusing his online catalog. For example, they have a fantastic assortment of Cable Installation Tools and Training Videos to help you use them. New "Basic Installation 2" is a 3 tape set, 6 hours that shows you how to build a frame.

You might also check out their Telephony History Page which contains ads, catalogs and information from telephony related magazines from the first part of the last century:

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Mike and his wife Donna are among the few businesses on the internet which really care about and are concerned for their customers and interact with them regularly. And their baby parakeets still have the run of their office/warehouse and make for interesting viewing on their web cam. Just start at the beginning of their site
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and look around. If you get out of there without finding one telephone oddity or another which you decide to purchase, I'll be surprised. _By all means_ at least check out the new Telemarketer Destroyer. PAT]

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