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I got this link from an old telephone man I used to work with, Don Vick. I think he retired from Centel in Des Plaines, IL, and went to work for Kraden Communications which became Honeywell, which became TIE, which became some other names (I don't know what company it is now).

Centel was bought by Ameritech (which used to be Illinois Bell), which was bought by SBC, which changed its name to AT&T after they bought AT&T. I guess he's now an AT&T retiree after retiring from an Independent (Centel)?

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I guess future telco phone men will simply be Verizon or AT&T retirees, since they're sure to be the only phone companies left. Something tells me few will survive to retirement (I'm not sure I mean they won't live that long, the company will lay them off first, or one of the two companies will purchase the other - and they'll retire from the opposite company they started at).

Since the guy who sold Ameritech to SBC is running Qwest, I'm betting it's only a short time before AT&T buys Qwest.

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