[Telecom] Legit Caller ID Spoofing

As I've mentioned in the past, I have Callcentric.

When you dial my local (602) number, it rings my home line, my office phone (office hours only), and my cell phone.

My concern is that when I call someone in my cell phone that they will see my cell number (575) and call back to that number instead of my (602) number.

As cell coverage in my office area is spotty at best and my apartment is the same way, the other lines would not ring if they called my cell phone directly.

I currently had Verizon Wireless option my phone to block my CID.

What I was trying to find out was if there was a way to legitimately spoof my (602) number in the CID that the called party sees.

They said there were apps that might do it. But since I have a flip phone, it probably could not be done.

Anyone have any ideas on this?


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Fred Atkinson
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