Re: [telecom] You Can't Stop Robocalls. You Shouldn't Have To.

> The robocalls come when you are driving and they bother you at

>> night. It doesn't matter if you're in bed or in a meeting. > >I guess I've been lucky. I practically never get robocalls outside >business hours. I've heard that one of the reasons for this is that most >of them are done using hijacked office PCs, and these are usually turned >off at the end of the day. > >Today was a rare exception, my cellphone got a robocall on a Saturday >afternoon. > >A few weeks ago I discovered the setting on my cellphone to not ring if >the call is from someone not on my contact list. That's been a blessing.

My Callcentric service has been a blessing in that regard.

They use True CNAMS to determine if the call is from a known source of SPAM callers. And I can customize how I want them to handle it if it is.

When I initially got the service, I optioned it to give it the 'three tones' disconnect and a recording saying that the number is no longer in service. Even if they call back, my phone will never ring.

If it happens to be from a number that is not on that list, I can add the number to my blacklist so that Callcentric treats it the same way or a different way, if I want.

I had to spend a fair amount of time setting up the call treatments so my calls would be handled the way I wanted them to. This can be based one the number called, the calling number, the day and time, and other options.

I can make it ring my office phone during the day. I get a 'Press 1 to accept this call' message when a call made to my home number rings into my office phone. So I know to answer it like a residential call after I press 1 to accept it. I do the same with my cell phone.

I have a Grandstream four port VOIP box (four analog extensions on one VOIP device) so I can receive calls through their service at home.

They have voice mail and texting services as well. And many other features. If you get just their basic services, it will cost about sixteen dollars per month.

They are very cost effective. Look them over at

formatting link

Stopping SPAM calls is only the tip of the iceberg with them.


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Have not had that issue. I get my automated prompt from Walgreens and it plays after I press the '1'.

Regarding True CNAM blocking desired calls, the solution to that problem is to create a whitelist and add the number [the desired automated calls come from] to your whitelist.

I don't remember what the maximum number of lines are except that it is a very large number. Residences aren't going to need that many. And they do not charge per line. However, you are restricted by your call usage of your plan (minutes). The number of available channels on their system can be a factor at times depending on the traffic they may be handling at any particular time. But it has not proven to be an issue for me.

There is no extra charge per extension.

Remember that I am describing their residential plan.

They have plenty more features. Some are part of the basic plan. Some incur an extra charge. You have to pick and choose.


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It is sad that so many people today now use a 'whitelist' to control incoming calls. It can be harmful.

I came upon someone in distress and lent them my cellphone to call for help (their phone was dead). But since my phone wasn't on their friend's 'whitelist', the call wasn't answered. Further, today, people don't listen to messages, so leaving a message didn't help. A cop came along and helped.

This also happened to me some years ago when I used a payphone and the callee didn't answer since they didn't recognize the number. Fortunately, for me it wasn't an urgent situation.

The real solution is to end robocalls, both illegal scams as well as legal things such as political calls and charities.

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My cellphone is not my primary phone, I practically never get real calls on it. I'm also not anyone's emergency contact, as far as I know (I have no spouse or kids). So I have no fear that my whitelist is going to cause me to miss an important call.

I wouldn't use a setting like this on my landline.

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