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My Verizon CDMA phone records the number of the calling party if I answer the call or the caller records a message for me. My question is: If the caller's number is in my phone even if he hangs up before I answer can I retrieve his number later?

Also, can I retrieve his number if he calls when my phone is turned off?

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Probably. On my Verizon phone I press "menu" and then "call history" then "missed calls". Look in your phone's manual, it should all be explained there.


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Grant Edwards

When someone calls your CDMA handset the number gets recorded by your phone in different ways depending on what happens to the incoming call. If the phone just rings the phone will report that a call came in and was missed. If CID was provided it will show either the name of that person (if that number is associated with a person in your phone's contacts list) or just a number if it's not in your contacts list. Most handsets you'll get an indication that you missed a call and will show you caller details and have a menu choice to return the call.

No. Since the handset could not process the call (the phone will process that the call was made to it and was it answered or missed) the information is not stored anywhere that you would have access to that data. And how would you know if he called at all with your phone off? Unlike landlines there's no "return code" that you can key to get the last number that called you.

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