Switzerland discontinues printed phone book

According to this German news article, Switzerland discontinued the printed phone book after 142 years.

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In Germany it is still available, but in the Netherlands they already discontinued it in 2018.

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That does not surprise me. In a prior career with Frontier communications, circa 2016 to 2018, there were several metropolitan areas that discontinued printed white pages. Occasionally, a call would come in from an elderly customer asking why they hadn't received the white pages for a year or two. Some of these older folks were distraught that they had been discontinued... hold onto the old copies! They are still printed in my local, but the size is shrinking.

Alternatively, in the United States, I don't think that the yellow pages have been discontinued anywhere. There is still money to be made in advertising sales and marketing/distributing yellow pages. It seems that some third party companies even send out their own yellow pages; I've seen a few different editions in my area. I've been burned by contractors found on-line, so I still reference the yellow pages first. A reputable business should be printed in the yellow pages.

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