Textphone -- TDD -- access numbers in Holland and Switzerland


I am looking for textphone access numbers in Holland and Switzerland. I've done an extensive google search but haven't come up with any. I am posting from USA.

To dial to Holland: 011-31 and then the number

For Switzerland, dial 011-41 and then the number

Textphone is a device for those with hearing loss.

When I dial the number, I should hear the sounds generated by the textphone on the other end.

Dial any TDD/TTY/Textphone/Minicom number and you'll hear it.

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TDD = Telecommunications Device for the Deaf

TTY = Telephone TYpewriter or TeleTYpewriter

TDD and TTY are terms used in USA and Canada. In most of Europe is its called "textphone" and in the UK its called "minicom".

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use the Baudot code.

Any assistance on this matter is appreciated.



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