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I had a client ask about having to get a new mini-SIM to use in an iPhone and transferring all the existing contacts from a standard sized SIM to it.

I did a bit of research and found that people are cutting down the standard SIM to the new size and are still able to use it, and there are actually tools for this on sale (in places like eBay).

Has anyone here had any experience using these tools and could recommend one that does the job properly?

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David Clayton
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First of all [we] need to get [the] terminology a bit corrected. The SIM commonly in use in mobile devices for at least the last 10 (and likely longer) years is the mini SIM. The original full sized SIM cards were credit card sized cards. Mini SIM cards, [which are] generally what most people use today, are usually broken off the full-sized card. The "micro SIM" is even smaller than the mini SIM. All SIMs whether full sized, mini or micro SIM have the same grid of the card's "brain."

Refer to this link:

formatting link

As for adapters:

formatting link

for cutters:

formatting link

Hope this helps.

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