Should Consumers Tape "Customer Service" Calls?

Given the mess* in "customer service" call centers, should consumers tape record their calls in case of subsequent trouble?

For one, it gives the consumer a clear record of what was said they if they aren't sure, they can play the tape back. Secondly, in case the service rep gives bad information or promise that isn't carried out the consumer is protected with a record of the conversation.

*The call center mess:

In the old days, customer service representatives of a business, such as a bank, insurance company, or telephone company, were well trained experienced employees. They knew the company's products and services and policies. They knew had to look up customer records (whether manually or on-line) and how to make account adjustments when necessary.

However, today, call centers is a factory assembly line operation. The employees are lower paid, under strict time quotas, and have high turnover. They are not trained as to a company's policies. They are under pressure to sell premium goods and services regardless of the customers' real needs of service. In many cases the operators are overseas. Often times the clerk is not very skilled or bright, and unable to properly use the computer.

Rather, they read off scripts provided by a computer screen. If a customer's inquiry can't be answered by pre-canned answers, the customer is out of luck. If the customer is lucky, the call will be passed to a true experienced and knowledgeable rep for assistance.

BTW, is there anyone out there who can justify today's call center boiler rooms as being "better"?

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