Re: Should Consumers Tape "Customer Service" Calls?

Given the mess* in "customer service" call centers, should consumers

> tape record their calls in case of subsequent trouble? > For one, it gives the consumer a clear record of what was said they if > they aren't sure, they can play the tape back. Secondly, in case the > service rep gives bad information or promise that isn't carried out > the consumer is protected with a record of the conversation.

It has been argued in legal newsgroups that the meaning of "this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes" which is commonly played on customer service calls is not what many people think it is. It gives YOU, the caller, *PERMISSION* to record the call in both-party states (and you don't need permission in either-party states).

If they were informing you that *they* were going to record, it should be "this call might be recorded for quality assurance purposes".

Gordon L. Burditt

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Gordon Burditt
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