Re: Where to Buy a Cellular Phone Jammer?

> So what legitimate reasons are there to use a cell phone jammer? (Note

>> that I said legitimate, not legal.) > The only reason I can think of offhand is for a bomb squad to use to > block one possible source of remote detonation. I started to type > that a hostage situation would also be one, but then it occurred to me > that there may be non-hostage innocents trapped in there as well, who > might want to call the police for assistance in escaping.

The various hostage rescue groups have access to cellular blockers, as well as contact numbers at the cellcos, to do various degrees of restricting cellular usage. The main reason is to prevent the hostage takers from being able to talk to other folk, but there are plenty of secondary ones as well.

Oh, and when they _really_ need to block cellular communications, they have been known to physically shut down the local cell towers.

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