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It's a good thing Skynet didn't know it could locate John and Sarah Connor with ease....

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A few winters ago a young family became lost in the Coast Range of southern Oregon while driving to their home in San Francisco. Numerous public service agencies responded trying to find them using their usual search techniques. At the same time, a clever cellular engineer was able to identify approximately where they were based on the slowly dying cell phone's responses to cell site "pings" and his knowledge of cell site locations. Unfortunately, when the engineer supplied what information he had to the search authorities they sort of looked the other way and said something like "Yeah, yeah kid. We're busy here - don't get in the way". Later he interested a helicopter pilot with the location information he had and the pilot rescued some of the family soon enough. Unfortunately, by that time, the husband/father had set out on foot to retrace their track on the mountain road, lost his way and perished. I'm hoping search and rescue organizations are now more sophisticated about how they use information that comes to them.

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