Re: Verizon Plans to Offer "Naked DSL" on 4/5 of its Wirelines

Now, the DSL providers want to sell a naked product. Well, all those

> laws/systems/regulations have to change. In fact, in many cases the > telco doesn't even know what it costs on an individual basis for a > naked line - they've never had to compute it that way before or track > costs that way before. Far easier to add it all up and divide by the > number of subscriber lines, eh?

How is that *not* the fault of the telco?

While there is no technological reason to prevent naked DSL from being > sold, you clearly don't grasp all the other factors that take time and > money to change.

What other factors? OK, I was not aware that the telcos had lobbied to set up the tarriff you described. But they asked for it.

Michael D. Sullivan wrote:

There is at least one technology issue, and maybe more. Verizon's > many millions of ADSL/POTS lines are identified by telephone number.

When I purchased a Yellow Pages ad from SBC a few years ago, my account number looked a lot like a telephone number. But it wasn't. It was something like 216-R##-###-#### (216 was the area code I was in at the time, and the #'s represent random numbers that I don't remember). It seemed pretty obvious that they bill for directory services using the same billing system that bills for POTS services. Verizon could use a similar account numbering system. Sure, there are costs involved in implementing it, but I have no sympathy for any of the telcos where services over copper are involved, since they milked lots of money out of that copper for so many years before DSL came along, and didn't do many upgrades.

and network databases as the mobile ID number (MIN). In order to > break the hard link between the MIN and phone number, or mobile > directory number (MDN), several years of planning and implementation > of complex database changes were required.

Technically, what you're describing isn't a technical issue, it's a billing issue. - Apple Valley, CA -

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[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I have had AT&T billing numbers in the past which were my area code, followed by a seven digit number which *appeared at first* to be a telephone number except that it was not a dialable number, such as 137-xxxx or 109-xxxx. I am sure the telcos could deal with this issue with a minimum of hassle. PAT]
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