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Here is the problem,

> I have two telephone lines. I want to make both of these lines ADSL > connections to the internet and use these connections to provide > internet access to several wireless laptop computers. A maximum of > about 20 laptops would be connected to the system at once. I would > like the laptops to be able to use both lines simultaneously so that I > don't have one line overloaded and one underloaded (ie: I want to > balance the traffic on the lines at any given time). > Anyone have any suggestions on how to set up something like this? > -Jonathan

There are many routers on the market that do exactly what you are describing. Try a quick Google search using "load balancing router" and check out what turns up.

Caution -- Many routers allow two WAN ports be connected like you want but in actuality they are only configured to use one or the other for traffic and switch to the other one when the link in use fails. Read the reviews and check online user manuals to verify the router you pick does load balancing as well as failure mode switching.

You might check out the D-Link DI-604 router for example. I have seen it go for around for $35 bucks on

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Here is the link to D-link model DI-604

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From there you can read the manual or other information about the product.

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