1812w Load Balance two internet connections

I am trying to figure out how to set up my 1812w to run two wan connections (dsl) and to portion them out on the single router.

I have read that they have "load balancing" is this so. How can this be set up. I am just starting to get my hands "dirty" with cisco, so any links to some help would be great.


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While routers can do load balancing, you most likely are having this router do NAT which complicates this greatly. You can't load balance NAT that I know of, meaning that cannot be alternatively natted to A.B.C.D (dsl interface #1) and E.F.G.H (dsl interface #2). Your nat statements will be one or the other, or you can split into two /25's and NAT one to each internet connection, which still isnt really load balancing. I'm not an expert on the internet facing side, but I don't think what you are trying to do is possible with a single 1812. Let's see how others weigh in....

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