Re: Using Two ADSL Internet Connections Simultaneously

"Incoming" traffic is an entirely different problem. And

> load-balancing _that_ traffic cannot be done in anything approaching a > satisfactory manner without 'help' from the 'upstream' end.


And it requires that both DSL circuits terminate at the same > 'upstream' provider.

Not necessarily. There are at least two other possibilities here, both of which allow for connections to multiple providers:

- NAT in use, and load balancing on a per-connection basis. This automatically balances the return traffic as well, as everyone on the net thinks you're actually two separate independent IP nodes.

- You're a big company and you can afford to arrange BGP peering with the ISPs and inject routes into the backbone.

There are others as well that involve just living with the fact that you'll appear to be separate nodes on the net, and remaining multihomed -- this is what you'd probably do if you were doing this for (say) a web server with multiple A records.

*BUT* the 'standard' routing code _in_the_kernel_ of most operating > systems does =not= support multiple equal-priority routes to the same > destination, *with* rotating use of those routes on a per-packet > basis.

Doing it on a per-packet basis ("round robin") is a mistake. It causes poor performance by reordering packets and often causes trouble with various middleboxes. Instead, you want to hash based on flow identification, which some systems can do.

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